Work With Us

Inspire Leisure is a very unusual organisation! Our team members are all Rhinoceroses!

Image 300 tons of snorting Rhino charging towards his/her dreams. Imagine waking up in the morning, polishing your horn, putting on your Rhino suit & charging through the day! Can you imagine anything getting in your way?

It’s a fabulous image isn’t it? And we mean it.

All of our team members are hugely self motivated and focused upon their particular goals. They are all fully accountable for their own actions and completely empowered to decide how best they should spend their time, in order to reach our shared goals.

So what type of work does a Rhino do?

We are in the business of helping customers to purchase caravan holiday homes in a variety of locations. We are always on the look out for people that can help us do that.

Where are the opportunities located?

Good question! We are constantly talking to park operators about opportunities and our Sales Rhinos can expect to move around regularly (perhaps once every 18 months to 2 years) as projects are completed and other projects are launched.

What are my prospects?

It’s sort of up to you!!! We see our organisation as a shared resource. Our Rhinos are encouraged to seek out opportunities and to take action (massive action – well you are a Rhino) to make it happen and benefit both yourself, our customers and the organisation.

‘That sounds a bit scary!’

If it does we are probably not the kind of organisation for you.

‘Wow that sounds exciting…’

Lets talk! Contact one of the Joint Chief Rhino’s or

I love your ideas and would love to work with you. However caravans don’t really rock my boat. I’ve got some great ideas for a business that “blah blah blah”. If I just had an opportunity I could make a fortune!

Great. Please put your ideas and proposals in writing & back them up with five years projections & details of research etc and email them to either of the Joint Chief Rhinos on or

What all these parks share are exquisite standards, special locations, personal and individual customer service, and an attention to detail not necessarily available from larger, commercial organisations. With a choice of beautiful holiday parks to choose from we are sure that we offer something for every discerning customer.