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Can I ‘work from home’ at my static caravan?


6 Tips For Working From Your Static Caravan

Yes, you can work from your static caravan or luxury lodge.

Static caravans at Heathergate offer a well-connected and restful place to work and play.

Here are our suggestions for being as productive as you can be when working remotely from your holiday home…

  1. Have a dedicated workspace that is tidy and separate…

Ensure that you have a dedicated desk/table where you have nearby sockets that are accessible and safely located to avoid anyone tripping. Keep any office supplies and technical equipment stored close by or in the desk area to ensure that you have all that you need to get started.

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  1. Structure your day…

The working day can feel never-ending especially when working from one space, without the distraction and social interaction of an office environment. By writing your own schedule or plan for the day, you can allow for breaks away from the screen. This can enable you to get outside, walk in nature, eat or drink outside or with the family, helping you to stay focused and get the most out of your day.

  1. Connect with others – by video/call etc…

Being around family at your holiday home can be a welcome break from the day to day work tasks, but it can be a real boost to connect with a colleague or friend working with you. Video or audio calls can help you to feel connected to ‘the office’ and to help you to still feel part of a team. Many people are working remotely now, and catch ups are vital for reconnecting and socialising, and to share challenges and help to solve problems.

can i work from home in my static caravan

  1. Boost your connection…

Heathergate has fantastic connectivity and Wifi accessibility but occasionally there may be a local issue, as can happen anywhere across the country. Be prepared and invest in a booster to improve your broadband connection, or a dongle device to ensure that you can stay online when you need to. It can be a stressful situation when you are on a deadline and preparing for any eventualities will help you to stay focused and on task.

  1. Use your smart devices…

Why not set up your smart phone or tablet devices to allow for Wifi tethering. We all have our phones with us for a great deal of the time and so you will have another option for connecting, should you experience any delays or challenges with your broadband connection/Wifi facilities.

  1. Cook up a storm…

Cooking for the family at your holiday home can be such an enjoyable experience and everyone can be involved. It can also give you the opportunity to get organised, to make enough food for leftovers and extra meals for the week. Our static caravans come with luxury fridge/freezers so you can store plenty of home cooked food and be ready for a feast at any time. This can be a real time-saver during the working day, being able to reach for pre-prepared snacks and meals can mean more quality time with the family or a more productive day.

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